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SIDA Education and Empowerment Concepts is dedicated to educating our communities and the youth at schools throughout South Africa about the dangers of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, the effects of alcohol and drug abuse and water borne diseases. Our goal is to restore hope and to empower the youth to take control over all aspects in their lives through participating in conversation about life orientation (Drug and Alcohol abuse, installing positive behaviour change, disciplines, etc).

SIDA Education and Empowerment Concepts (David Patient and Neil Orr) have introduced a MASTER AIDS and PHASE Game which has simplified the HIV and Health and Hygiene Education in life orientation classes and both receptive and reluctant communities. One may play the games without fear of discrimination, stigmatism and rejection. We have used the game in numerous settings ranging from private schools, community youth groups, on-site clinics, workplaces and family environments. It was incredibly well received and started all sorts of conversations that normally do not take place in most environments. This ultimately leads to the transfer of knowledge and knowledge = POWER = Sustainable Development.

When used in a environment with children, one (1) teacher, councillor or facilitator has the ability to interact with many groups of learners as the inter-activeness of the game being played literally and figuratively turns the students into teachers themselves.