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The games are fashioned on Snakes & Ladders. Everyone rolls the dice, and the player with the highest number goes first. Play proceeds to the left. Before moving the token, the player needs to answer a question card. Answering correctly permits the player to roll the dice and move forward, whilst an incorrect answer means the player stays in the same position. Each question card is cross-referenced back to the booklet to validate the correct answer. If a player lands on the condom characters, the player moves up to the top of the character and alternatively if the player lands on the virus head, the player moves down to the virus tail.

The game is also designed with “choice” and “consequence” blocks that are randomly placed on the board. When a player lands on any of these blocks, they will be awarded a card of the same name. The “choice” cards are based on positive aspects eg: “by using a condom, you have protected yourself from getting infected with HIV, move forward 3 spaces ” as shown players will be rewarded with additional spaces to move forward between 2-6 spaces.

The “consequence” cards are based on negative aspects eg: “you have performed poorly in school, miss a turn”, players will be forced to move back between 2-6 spaces or miss a turn. In this way the game becomes unpredictable, having no guarantees that knowing all the answers to Master Aids will result in winning the game.